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Moo Lander is a 2D adventure platformer, where you take control over your people’s last remaining flying saucer to scour varied environments in search for the source of infinite amounts of precious milk. Discover hidden secrets, solve puzzles, fight intelligent enemies and tame the Mighty Cows!

Milk - the energy source so pure that it’s rivaled by the brightest hypernovas, has been lost to your people after a long and brutal conflict.
Your mission is to recover ancient device capable of producing infinite amounts of it, from Solar System.
Can you get to the device in time? The fate of the Landers is in your hands!

Tame the Mighty Cows

Each one of those powerful bosses will pose a considerable threat and is a challenge worth remembering!

Upgrade your ship

Unlock a set of over 6 unique abilities and meaningful upgrades branching into two separate trees!

Fight a variety of enemies

Over 20 kinds of intelligent enemies are waiting for you to prevent you from fulfilling your goal. Each of them requires a different approach to deal with!

Engaging single-player campaign

Play through over 5-hour long emotional campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists!


Experience the game with your friends in 4 player couch co-op!

5 unique terrains

Discover beautiful hand-crafted, yet lethal landscapes.

Challenge yourself

Save your kind on one of 3 difficulty levels (with a little extra for all of you hardcore Milk Drinkers)

Interactive environment

Explore and interact with objects around you using your abilities in an unusual way!

The Moo Lander Demo is now available on Steam!

Revealing just a little piece from what the final game will be, it will allow you to play through ~10 minutes of the gameplay, featuring a small part of the enemies, abilities, puzzles, environments and of course … A Mighty Cow!

After you finish the demo campaign you can keep improving your cow-battle skills in our couch multiplayer PvP and coop PvE modes with up to 4 players. We have 2 of the 4 planned modes available in the demo.

We hope you will have fun and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it!

If you like the demo, please consider Wish-listing us on Steam - your support would mean a lot for a small studio like ours!

Install instructions

Extract the archive and start from MooLander.exe

Minimum requirements: 

Geforce GT630M 1GB

Intel Q6600 2.4GHz


2.5GB of HDD space

Recommended requirements:

NVidia GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 

Intel Core i5 3350p 3.1GHz 


2.5GB of SSD space

When launching the game please choose the appropriate graphics level – Low, High, Ultra.

Multiplayer is only available when playing with Xbox Joysticks – up to 4 players are supported.


Moo Lander Showreel Steam.rar 734 MB


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Well isn't this just a big ol' bucket of insane brilliance? Erm, yes. The answer to that question is yes.

Every now and again a game pops up in my line of sight and I think to myself, "This looks like a lark! I'll give it a go." And then it turns out to be even better than I expected it to be! Moo Lander is one of those examples. It's got a great pair of characters leading us throughout (an all-brawn alien determined to do whatever he wants and a smart-AI ship computer determined to try and stop us from doing whatever we want), great open-world side-scrolling puzzle-solving shenanigans AND giant cows! What more could you ask for in a game?

Oh, you want a plot too? Well don't worry, this game's got you covered on that too! In amongst the madness and the cownapping there's a rich story about a desperate lack of milk on our protagonist's home planet, which will no doubt be explored further in the full game.

So there you have it, you have wonderful visuals, hilarious characters, great gameplay and a sumptuous story to sink your teeth into. So what are you waiting for? Go get that cow!

Keep up the awesome work devs, I loved this =)


First of all we want to thank you for the great review - we really appreciate it. Reviews like this one could make a difference for small studios like ours. 

We are really happy you like the demo. By the way it shows a very small fraction of the enemies, abilities, interactables and terrains you will encounter during your adventure.  We will send an extended demo next month only for reviewers - in the extended part you will be able to taste some of the action as well.

If you are interested drop us your email here or write us an email so we can send it to you as well.

(1 edit) (+1)


We are writing here to tell you we've just released a brand new demo featuring 10 mins of completely different gameplay from what you have seen so far.
It's packed with more action, new abilities, enemies and more environments. And we have greatly improved and re-calibrated the multiplayer as well.

So we would be very happy to hear your thoughts about it :)

I gotta say I had no idea what to expect with this game.  It was a hell of a lot of fun! I honestly can't wait for the full version, and I'll tell you now you've got a new follower. You've got something special here, devs. My only comment is that the main character has an odd voice, but it came to grow on me! The humor is well-delivered, the art is gorgeous, and the controls are as smooth as anyone could want! 

I made a gameplay video for it as well. Hope you like it as much as I liked the demo.

We are glad you like it and the gameplay review is awesome. By the way, we will release an extended demo next month only for reviewers, that will include part of another terrain in the game, more enemies and more abilities, so you can get a taste of the action as well. It will have more multiplayer arenas as well.  So if you are interested you can give us your email so we could share it with you later on. 

P. S. 

The ship voice is a mock-up (recorded by one of our Bulgarian devs currently) and will be replaced with a real one when we finish the game. 

Absolutely! I'm floored that you'd even offer, to be honest. The video I shared was for my personal channel, but I played in order to review the game for GAME (Geeks Actively Making Entertainment) on YouTube. We're starting a new series where we find new and interesting games to review to help indie devs gain traction in the community.  You can contact us at Gameofficialstaff@gmail.com to share this or anything else you think deserves more attention! Thank you!

Oh, and one small bit of feedback that occurred to me while I was editing the video: The intro sequence says that the game takes place on Earth in the past, but several times in the demo it says that you're the first to visit Mars, which caused me some confusion. It could be a translation issue, but it makes it unclear to me where it all takes place. I've finally settled on it being a Martian visiting Earth, but that was after a good bit of puzzling it out. 

P.S. I'd never heard a Bulgarian accent before. I apologize for commenting in my video that it sounded like a bad Russian accent. I think I'll remove that part...

(2 edits)

Hi, don't worry about the accent comments :) no need to edit the video, its fun (the dev that voice overed the ship is currently writing by the way, so really, no problem)

Regarding the Planet the player is currently on - all we can say currently is that the game starts with a crashland scene for a reason... 

We will most definately send you the extended closed demo next month! 


We just released a brand new demo featuring 10 mins of completely different gameplay that what you have seen so far. This time be prepared for more action, more abilities and more environments. Also we have greatly improved and recalibrated the multiplayer - so if you have the time to play it, we would be glad to hear what do you think of this new demo :)