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Moo Lander is a 2D adventure platformer with Metroidvania elements, featuring an epic story about cow milk, which will be available for PC and Consoles. This is the prototype of the game - you can try out 4 ship abilities and use them to defeat different enemies.


Milk is the most pure and effective resource. After an ancient war that kills of all the cows, you are sent on a dangerous and epic journey to retrieve a mythical device, that will save your kind – The Landers.


Develop your ship tactical and combat ability trees. Uncover the motivation for your character journey and the emotional story behind him during your dangerous mission into the unknown


Try to outsmart intelligent enemies and defeat them in brutal combats. Have epic battles with mighty cows in desperate attempts to beam them. Go to different planets with diverse and challenging terrains, solve ancient puzzles and meet alien civilizations.

We are currently building the real game and we are preparing for a Kickstarter campaign which will help us fund the project. Please subscribe and follow us if you like the game.

Install instructions

Size after extract: 640MB. Some antivirus programs might block the application – no worries, the game is developed in Unity and won’t harm your computer.


Moo Lander Prototype.rar 126 MB


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I really like the game so far, but i did notice, what i think is, a very big flaw at the start of the water. At first it was not clear which way to go, and if you go back into the cave system you come out of, you can avoid the falling log, and then get outside the map. Other than that everything seems nicely planned and overall i am excited to see the  finished game

Wanna be A-MOO-sed? This game is udderly AWESOME!

Thanks for the video, man! We are glad you like the game :)

Well that was a very fun an interesting experience, I look forward to seeing the full version this is a very unique game. 5/5.

Youtuber: Fellowplayer

Thank you! We are really happy that you liked the game!

Very cool video, man :)